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Dear Brittany &  Jacob,

I recently heard from Adam D, our endlessly-connected mutual friend, that you were looking for new writers for Wantist.


After perusing the site, reading your blog, and talking to some of your fans, this sounds like the perfect gig for me. Getting paid to scour the digital world for the newest and neatest? Where do I sign up?

Well, I figure an open letter on my personal blog would be a good place to begin, so here’s a list of the top reasons I’d be a valuable addition to the Wantist team.

No.  1 I Your Site

Passion is a key for good writing, which is lucky for me, in this case, as I really admire your site. For starters, the concept is great. Helping busy netizens choose non-cliche gifts is a brilliant concept that I’d love to see succeed. Not to mention that you do your jobs well, putting out suggestions that are always spot-on. Finally, I also adore Wantist’s uncluttered design which really puts the emphasis on your images.

I could see myself spending hours looking through all the goodies you’ve highlighted—online shopping is my crack.

This is my Wantist Wantlist.

No. 2 I Also ♥ WordPress

This site is WordPress-based, as is Tofugu, a successful Japanese language and culture blog that I wrote and designed for when it was first starting up. (My last post there was even conveniently Wantist-themed—I really would recommend checking the Cup Humidifier out.)

I find WordPress to be very user-friendly, and can’t fathom using anything else for blogging at this point. While I’m still in the process of learning all the more technical aspects of the platform—I’ve enjoyed experimenting with my site’s layout and CSS—I’d love to know more.

No. 3 Photoshop is My BFF

If I’m not looking at an internet browser when I’m on my computer, chances are good that I’m working in a Photoshop window. I’ve spent untold amounts of time cropping, color-correcting, and touching-up photos for both fun and… well, not profit. Yet.

I’m very concerned with telling a story through pictures and put a lot of though into making my photosets cohesive, which seemed like something you were interested in, as well. Feel free to look through some of the other posts here for a better sense of what my aesthetic is.

I like to make fake inspirational posters for myself between projects.

Sadly, I haven’t been able to do much photo editing lately, as our home office has been getting shuffled around quite a bit and I’ve been stuck with the worst monitor in the house—the colors are bananas—but I’ll be up and running again soon, should the need arise.

No. 4 I Can Write Link Bait-y List Posts

Like this one! In all seriousness, though, while driving traffic has never been my priority on my personal blog, I certainly understand the value of implementing practices aimed at getting more people on your site, actively engaged in your message.

Making an effort to format posts in an easily-searchable, easily-readable way, having an healthy presence on social media websites, commenting on other blogs and responding to comments on your own, etc—little things like that add up to make a big difference when it comes to viewership, I feel.

No. 5 I Live Online

In addition to this blog, I spend a large part of my time on Twitter, Google + , Flickr, Facebook, or one of my many Tumblelogs.

No. 6 I Live in Portland

Physically speaking, I’m located in Portland, which means that I’d be available for in-person meetings, though Skype works, too.

It’s funny because it’s true.

My apartment is actually on Mississippi Avenue, a street populated with fun shops like Land, which was a filming location for Portlandia‘s “Put a Bird On It” sketch. Bonus points for PDX Pride?

No. 7 I Have Ideas

Or, at least, I have questions. Why do you do what you do? Why is Feature A there when Feature B isn’t? Where do you see the site going in terms of searchability and customization? etc. While I’m certain that you’ve asked these questions already, discussion is valuable, and can often produce more meaningful change than a decision made by any single person; I believe that my passion for what you’re doing at Wantist and the skills I can offer will help contribute greatly to the sort of conversation that will both strengthen and refine the site.

Phew, thanks for taking the time to read that! I’m optimistic that I was able give you a bit of an idea about who I am and what I could bring to Wantist. I would love the opportunity to talk with you folks about the position in more detail, so hopefully we can get in touch soon!

Image Sources: Adam Duvander, Wantist, and Corky Saint Clair

  • http://www.tofugu.com koichi

    You’d be really good at this!

  • Monique Pouget

    Love this idea! Super creative and fun. Looking forward to collaborating on Wantist with you!